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At as 12th May the project has now received over 50 stories and is well on the way to its 101 story target. Please keep those stories coming!

Over the Summer, we’re offering everyone the chance to drop by the library, sit on our comfy sofas and enjoy a coffee whilst telling us a tale or two. Everyone is welcome at four sessions which each run from 10am until Noon on:

Wednesday 31st May.

Wednesday 21st June.

Wednesday 19th July.

Wednesday 23rd August.

Everyone has a story to tell, be it a funny or touching reminiscence, an influential memory or a life-affirming experience.

Storytelling brings us together and gives us a glimpse of places and people beyond our usual circle. Our aim is to collect stories presenting a range of experiences from the people of the Easingwold area.

Your story doesn’t have to be about living in the area – it could be from a million miles away. It just has to be a story about you.

What can I write about?

You can write about anything you like; we only ask that the story is your own, that it is true, authentic and accurate to your memory of the time. You could write about something that maybe made you laugh, feel excited, feel sad, or feel inspired – anything.

Please don’t worry if spelling and grammar aren’t your strong points, or if English isn’t your first language. This is your story and it can be told in your own way.

A story idea could be about your younger self, schooldays, home events, work experiences, or situations that you’ve found yourself in. Here are a couple of examples:

When I was a little girl, we always went to visit my grandma by train at Christmas. It was a steam train and I can still remember the excitement of waiting on the platform for the huge smoking giant to come into the station. My grandma lived in a small cottage with a grandfather clock in the sitting room, an outside toilet (full of spiders!) and she put a tin bath in front of the fire for our weekly bath. Very happy memories.

On a Sunday I work as an assistant in a convenience store. It seems to be a good day for many of my customers to smoke cannabis. I can smell it as they enter the shop. Some days I feel like I should be going home high!

Story Format

Your story should be no longer than about 500 words (one side of A4) and can be shorter – even a paragraph is fine.

Please be aware that your story could be used publicly so make sure you only write about something that you’re happy to be read by others. If you are writing about another person, please do not use their full name or any identifying information.

You can submit your story with your name or anonymously. Please also tell us your age for funding purposes.

How do I submit a story?

You can let us have your story by either:

  • posting your story in the special 101 Stories letterbox outside the library; or
  • coming into the library where a volunteer will record the story for you. It will be then transcribed and returned to you for checking. Please call into the library to book your storytelling time

Our plan is to collect all stories by the end of July 2023.

How will we use your story?

We will use the stories as the basis for a number of creative activities. For example:

  • a ‘story walk’ around the Market Place in July:
  • a set of changing story boards in the library from August onwards;
  • a storytelling performance in the library in early December;
  • a collection of stories published in a book by the end of December; and
  • a wall painting in the library to celebrate the project.


In sharing your story as part of the 101 Stories project, you are agreeing that:

1. Your story is true and accurate.

2. At the discretion of the project team, your story can be edited before publication or performance.

3. Your story can then be stored, shared and used publicly by the project team as part of ‘101 Stories’. The project is likely to include (for example) the public reading, performing and displaying of the submitted stories.

4. Unless you give your express written consent, your story will be anonymised, both in respect of your identity and those named in it.

5. Although the project is planned to be non-profit making, funds might be raised to cover any extra costs. Any resulting profit will become part of Library funds.

6. Finally, your story will be held on file for an indefinite period of time appropriate to the nature of the project and to provide evidence to our funders.

Want a leaflet?

Click here for a printable leaflet containing all the information on this webpage. The leaflet is designed for A4 double-sided printing on any home printer.


Get in touch by email at hundredonestories@gmail.com or by ringing 07526 107448 and leaving a message.

You can also use the contact form below:

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