Get ready to get silly!

It’s almost time for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, and for 2020 it’s going digital and is all about funny books, happiness and having a laugh!

Silly Squad Logo

This year’s Challenge features extra special characters designed by the award-winning author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson, who you’ll know from amazing reads like Amelia Fang and Evil Emperor Penguin! The Silly Squad is a team of animal friends who love to go on adventures and get stuck in to all different kinds of funny books.

If you’re aged between 4 and 11 you can join the Silly Squad on a new adventure by setting your own personal reading challenge to complete this summer.

Whilst anytime is usually a good time to get silly, Silly Squad officially launches on 5th June with a “Let’s Get Silly” online party for the whole family.

More details are here.

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