It’s a mural miracle!

When we re-open on 12th April we’ll have a lovely, bright new addition to the wall in our children’s section!

Eight of our friends at Easi Works have done truly wonderful work painting a colourful and imaginative mural to grace the community library. 

Each artist chose a well-known children’s story and drew an image to represent it. They designed, drew and painted their images over a few months with the help of Toby, Easi Works’ art therapist. Working within Covid guidelines over several months, Toby took the board to each artist’s house in turn and provided them with all the materials and paints they needed.   

The result is a wonderful montage of images with lots to find. We’re going to put together a quiz for our junior members to see if they can find all the books and characters books hidden within it.  How many can you spot (and no telling!).