Book Reviews

Have you just read the funniest book ever?

Have you got a favourite book character that we need to know about?

Is there a book that you found so boring that you actually, actually, actually offered to wallpaper the inside of the dishwasher with the pages of your maths book and a glue stick?

Is there a book that made you laugh your socks off and your double-knotted shoes too?

Then we need to know about it!

Dear Children of Easingwold and the surrounding villages, it is your civic duty to share with us all your thoughts, views and opinions on the books that you are reading.  Fiction books or Non-Fiction books, we want to hear your thoughts, they are important, they are the future.

The most heartfelt, the most entertaining, the most imaginative book reviews that we receive each month will be displayed here…and you’ll make everyone who knows you feel really proud.

Please hand them into the Community Library, send an owl, or email them to


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