Stuff for Pre-Schoolies

Meeting other kids is important for pre-school children. They learn and develop quickly by being in a group, seeing and interacting with people, watching and absorbing what is going on, and hearing repeating rhymes and words.

Learning to love the library, books and reading can be encouraged from a very early age too. We get a real buzz from seeing very young children happily enjoying the junior library space and its exciting collection of books.

Poppets (Wednesdays) and Rhymetime (Fridays) can also help ease feelings of isolation for mums and dads. Having a chance to get out of the house and meet other adults is important and Rhymetime and Poppets are great ways to spend social time with people and make new friends.

Wednesday mornings in the community library are dedicated purely to Poppets. We can play, sing and move around the library without disturbing anyone, and enjoy some crafting together – recent examples include pumpkins, poppies, snakes and rockets! No booking is needed and buggies can be brought indoors.  We look forward to welcoming new families.

Friday afternoons sees Rhymetime in the library. Little ones (and their parents/carers) have the chance to join in with songs, rhymes and stories led by one of our lovely volunteers. It’s a very welcoming, lots of fun and a very relaxed session.

Poster for Rhymetime.  Every Friday in term time from 14.00 to 14.45.