Get ready for an off-world adventure with Space Chase.

Prepare for lift off as we travel across the galaxy on a very special reading mission: it’s the Summer Reading Challenge 2019.

Meet the Rockets! This super cool family lives on a satellite station in space. They love spending time at their local library on the Moon.

But wait! Suddenly books have started to disappear from the Moon Library, and soon there won’t be any left…

A mysterious ship has been spotted on the radar – could these naughty aliens be behind the trouble at the library?

Taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge

Taking part in the Challenge is simple. If you’re aged between 4 and 11 you can sign up for Space Chase free at Easingwold Community Library.  If you’re not a library member that’s fine because we can enrol you in a couple of minutes.  As a bonus you’ll get your very own library card.

You’ll be given your Space Chase Mission Folder to get you started. Read six library books (or more!) over the holidays – two per week – to collect special stickers to add to your folder.

Collect all the stickers to find the pesky aliens, save the missing books and complete the Challenge.  Get a certificate and some bling in the form of a rather cool gold medal!

There’s a mini-challenge for under 4s so they can join in the fun too.

Grab your helmet and spacesuit and take a giant leap into the library this summer, but hurry as we’re going to be closing new enrolments very soon.

Find out more about Space Chase by logging-in here.


Location Market Place, Easingwold, York. YO61 3AN Phone 01609 534584 E-mail Hours Monday 10am-5pm. Tuesday 2pm-5pm. Thursday 1pm-6pm. Friday 9.30am-5pm. Saturday 10am-12.30pm.
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