Summer Reading Challenge 2021

Pack your bags, we’re headed for Wilderville!

It’s a pretty cool place, but there are lots of things that the Wild World Heroes can do to make their town even better for the people and animals that live there.

Wild World Heroes is a very special nature-themed Challenge that will inspire you to stand up for the planet! It will feature amazing books, awesome rewards, and plenty of ideas for taking care of our environment.

Join the Wild World Heroes for the summer holidays and discover how you too can make a difference to the environment.

how it works

If you’re in primary school and aged from 4-11 years you’ll be able to sign-on as a Wild World Hero at the community library NOW!

You’ll then need to read six library books of your choice during the summer holiday. You can read whatever you like – stories, fact books, poetry, joke books, picture books, graphic novels, audio books and eBooks can all be enjoyed as you’re completing your Challenge.

Visit the library each week to check-in with your latest reading adventure. There are stickers, and prizes on offer to heroes along the way. When you complete the Challenge you’ll get a certificate and a glitzy medal to impress your family and friends!

You can track down more stuff about Wild World Heroes at the Summer Reading Challenge website.


The Summer Reading Challenge is presented by The Reading Agency and is open to all primary school-aged children from 4 to 11 years. It’s designed for all reading abilities.

Why is reading for pleasure important?

  • Currently, 1 in 5 children in England cannot read well by the age of 11. We know that reading for fun improves literacy.
  • Embedding a love of reading for pleasure in children can help their wellbeing later in life. 19% of adult readers say that reading stops them feeling lonely.
  • Studies have found that those who read for pleasure have higher levels of empathy, greater self-esteem and are better able to cope with difficult situations.

The Summer Reading Challenge offers children and families a fun framework for reading and celebrating reading together.

There’s no mini Challenge this year. For children under four we offer instead Buzzy Bee’s Honey Hunt, a special rewards scheme for very young readers. Visit the library with your little one(s) to join in the fun!