Book Groups

Book groups online

COVID-19 has made life more difficult for local book groups but many are finding ways to get together whilst maintaining social-distancing. Another option is to join an online book group.

Reading Groups for Everyone is the UK’s largest reading group network. Whether you’re already in a reading group, want to join one or start a new one this is the place to go. Open a free account and join online groups that suit you.

North Yorkshire County Council run an online book group through the book website Goodreads.  Find more information and sign-up here.

Community Library support for your book group

An annual reading group subscription of £25 allows groups to request up to ten copies of a title, subject to availability. Titles should be requested at least two months in advance of your intended meeting date.

More information about North Yorkshire County Council’s support for book groups can be found here.

Joining a book group

There are a number of  book groups active in the Easingwold area. If you’re interested in joining one of them we can pass your details on to local book group organisers.  Please email us: