Join the Gang

Our dedicated library for young readers has been fully revamped and stocked with an amazing selection of books. It’s a bright, warm, welcoming and comfortable space where you can enjoy choosing your books. If you just want to hang-out that’s just fine too. Stay and enjoy a good read on one of our very comfy sofas or in our unique ‘Hole in the Wall’ roost.

How do I join

Release your inner alien – no photo needed!

Joining the library is FREE and it only takes a few minutes. Just drop in and ask at the desk. We’ll take a few details; your name, address and contact details. We won’t ask to see any ID and you don’t need your parents’ permission to join.

You’ll be able to choose your own library membership card and a PIN number that’ll let you manage your account online and use the library’s public computers.

If you happen to be aged from 0 – 4 years (in which case why are you staring at a computer screen rather than getting out there toddling, causing havoc and making mud pies?) you can join Buzzy Bee’s Honey Hunt, our special rewards scheme for pre-schoolies.

You can also join the library online here. You’ll then just need to pop into the library to collect your membership card.

How Does it Work?

It’s really easy! Just choose the books you want to read – up to 20 at a time – and check them out at one of our touchscreen self-service kiosks. You can keep your books for up to three weeks. The friendly kiosk will even print you an artistic (not) paper receipt with their return due date if you want one. Hey, start a receipt collection!

To return your books just check them back in at the self-service kiosk and put them on the returned items trolley.

You can also manage your library account online, renew loans and use a range of FREE county library goodies – eBooks, eAudio books and eMagazines – here.

How Much Does it Cost?

Using the library is completely free if you bring your books back on time.

Some machines (but not our kiosks) have a secret burping superpower.

Books that are returned late will gather a fee of 15p a day for the first week they are overdue. You pay any fees when you bring your books back by feeding the annoyingly cheerful self-service kiosks with coins. The kiosks don’t bite or tell you off. Rather disappointingly they don’t burp after a good coin-based takeaway either!

Don’t fret or feel guilty about library fees. We won’t give you a hard time about them as we’re a charity and fee donations help to keep the library open. We couldn’t survive without them and you’ll be able to enjoy a warm glow from giving some pocket money to a charity. Everyone wins!

Teenagers & young adults

Spot the Dot will become an Olympic sport in 2026. Practice with us…free!

You’ll find books for teens and young adults mixed in amongst the general adult fiction collection rather than in the junior library. They’re decorated with a funky orange dot at the foot of their spines and are very easy to pick out.