Buzzy Bee’s Honey Hunt

A lifelong love of reading starts here…

Buzzy Bee’s Honey Hunt is a fun and FREE reward scheme for all babies, toddlers and pre-schoolies from 0 to 4 years old. It’s very easy to join in.

  • Enrol your child as a library member (if they’re not a member already).
  • They’ll get their Buzzy Bee’s membership pack.
  • They’ll then collect rewards – stars, stickers and a set of 6 exciting Honey Hunt pictures – for each visit they make to the library.
  • We’ll present them with a whizzy Buzzy Bee certificate at the end!

No child is too young to join the library. Joining is free and takes just a few minutes.  And don’t worry – there are no fines or charges for damage to books.  We know that sometimes nothing beats getting your gums or sharp new teeth into a good book!

Call into the library with your child to join the Honey Hunt. Enjoy the BUZZZZZ!

Buzzy Bee’s Honey Hunt is presented by North Yorkshire Libraries.

NB: For the time being, the earlier Bookstart Bear Club will continue to be available for children who are already members of that scheme.