Public Computers

We have four desktop PCs for use by the public.  All run Windows 10, are web connected and linked to the library printer. One PC is also linked to a scanner.


Walk-in sessions are usually available though please note that we cannot guarantee there will be a computer available for you. If your need is vital – for example printing travel documents or tickets – we recommend that you ring us in advance to book a session.

You can book a computer session in advance by ringing us on 01609 534584 during our opening hours.


Library members may use a public computer FREE for one hour each day.   Each subsequent 30 minutes costs £1.50.

For non-library members the fee is £2.50 per half hour.

Fees are payable for printing documents:  10p per page for A4 black and white, and 50p per page for A4 colour.


Those aged 18 years and under in full-time education, jobseekers in receipt of JSA or ESA and those whose use of PCs is severely restricted by a physical or cognitive difficulty may use the public computers FREE for an hour each day.  Each subsequent half hour costs £1.

Internet Subscriptions

If you’re a regular computer user you may be able to save money with one of our range of computer subscriptions.  Please ask at the desk.

Computer help

Our volunteers will try to offer help if you ask for it.  Please note that this very much depends upon the IT skills and knowledge of the individual volunteers who are on duty at the time of your visit. We cannot guarantee that someone will be able to help you.